January 7, 2013


You got a fast car.  And we go cruising to entertain ourselves.  – Tracy Chapman, Fast Car

Focus:  Technique (In-Camera Motion Blur)

This photo is the result of frustration. I had been busy inside all day and had paid no attention to the weather or light. When I finally peeked outside around quarter to 5, I realized I was missing one of those rare spectacular sunsets that practically beg to have their picture taken. By the time I threw on a coat, my shoes and grabbed my camera the sun was gone. GRRRRR. Knowing that I had to take a picture of ‘something’ today, I set my camera on the dash of my car and drove around, taking pictures with a long shutter speed. I’m sure this wasn’t exactly legal, but the result is quite interesting. I really like the vibrancy of the twilight sky and the energy of the streaking lights in the photo. It kind of makes me want to go to Las Vegas and do the same thing on the ‘Strip’





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