February 17, 2013


Do these skis make my ass look fast?   – Bumper Sticker


Focus:  Travel

Wow is it fun to watch Jeff on the slopes!  Whether he is attacking the moguls, or carving beautiful S-curves in the snow, it is all like a finely choreographed dance between him and the mountain.   I guess being born and raised in Aspen will do that to you.

At one point during skiing today,  I was standing near a couple at the top of a rather precariously steep section of moguls (think: ice, rock, snow snakes, bodies strewn everywhere).  The woman said to her husband that she wasn’t sure she could do it – fear and logic were taking over any sense of pride.  At that point, Jeff comes zooming by – cruising through the moguls like they were child’s play.  After Jeff passed us, I overhead the guy say to his wife:  “See, there you go honey.  Simple as that.  Just follow him.  No problem!”  You see, that’s why I like skiing with Jeff.  He makes for such a good distraction on the ski runs that others hardly notice me plodding along in poor form right behind him…

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