February 19, 2013


Don’t chew on ice.  – My Dentist


Focus:  Macro

Oh, boy do I love to chew on ice.  Crushed is my usual habit, but my ultimate favorite is the little ‘rabbit pellet’ variety that you sometimes get in restaurants.  My fellow connoisseurs of ice will know exactly what I’m talking about.  Those pellets are the perfect balance of crunchy and soft – Pure bliss!

I chose to photograph my glass of ice water tonight because, frankly, I couldn’t think of anything else and my glass was handy.  For the composition, I shone a single spotlight down into my glass and used my macro lens with a shallow aperature.  Doing this caused the backdrop of my messy desk to ‘black out’, allowing the texture of the ice to take center stage.  The water in my glass was not carbonated – the bubbles you see are exclusively from air trapped in the ice.

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