February 23, 2013


An empty theater is a promise unfulfilled.  – Seth Grahame-Smith


Focus:  Still Life

I think this photo is a good example of ‘less is more’.  This photo is very dark and almost completely lacking in color.  Other than the repetitive arcs formed by row upon row of chairs, there are very few details for the eye to focus on.  And yet, every single one of us can recognize this familiar scene.

It may be hard to believe, but I actually I took this photo while sitting in a large, very bright, very crowded atrium during the middle of the afternoon.  By using a zoom lens, and zeroing in on a single beam of sunlight hitting the back of a chair, I was able to meter for the pinpoint of light, effectively erasing the hectic scene around me.   The end result is exactly what I was hoping to achieve.  There is a definite sense of anticipation, as if something wonderful is about to happen.  By leaving out so much of the surrounding scene, the mind fills in the gaps, creates its own story.