March 1, 2013


The essence of climbing is not limited to those out there making a name for themselves.  – Lois LaRock

Focus:  Sport

My son took up the sport of rock climbing earlier this year.  He is taking classes at an indoor climbing school this winter and will hopefully have the chance to build on what he has learned this summer climbing in the Colorado mountains.  Today, we had the chance to join him for a free day at the gym, so that we could try our hand at the sport.  Both my husband and I have been climbing a couple of times before, and we both consider ourselves physically fit – I am a runner, he is a cyclist, and we both do hot yoga several times a week.  But today we were reminded how challenging the sport of rock climbing is.  Not only does it require strength and flexibility, it also takes an enormous amount of mental focus.  While climbing, I found myself so preoccupied with planning my route and problem solving my next move, that I hardly noticed how hard my body was working.  For me, that was a real hook.  I can certainly see how people become addicted to this sport.

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