March 5, 2013


If you can’t find something worthy to photograph within forty feet of where you stand, you aren’t seeing. – Ruth Bernhard


Focus:  Everyday Object

In a photography class I took several years ago, the instructor challenged us to take an everyday object and photograph it 30 ways.  Those were the only instructions – the rest was up to the individual student.  That assignment was my first exercise in learning how to see things with fresh eyes and how to use varying perspectives to present a single subject.  Take for example the fork that I chose to photograph tonight.  Here is an object that we all use every single day with hardly a second glance at the relative beauty of this utensil.  Through photography, I am able to draw the eye to the soft shimmer of the metal, the gentle curve of the tines, and the unique patterns formed by this very utilitarian object.

Mealtime might never be the same again…









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