April 30, 2013


If dandelions were hard to grow, they’d be most welcome on any lawn. 

– Andrew V. Mason


Focus:  Macro

It is funny how gardeners will methodically, and quite aggressively, dig up each and every dandelion that crops up in their yard, while simultaneously showering other flowers with loving care.  Unlike other flowers that can be finicky when it comes to water, soil and nutrients, the dandelion requires very little in the way of maintenance.  Any old patch of grass or crack in the sidewalk will do.  Despite the harshest conditions, the dandelion goes right on blooming with sunny, mum-like petals that dissolve into brilliant white puffs of seeds, providing transportation for hundreds of children’s wishes each and every summer.  And yet despite all of this, the dandelion is considered the ugly stepsister of the flower family.  It does make you wonder exactly who decided which flowers were considered desirable and which were considered weeds…

4 replies to “April 30, 2013

    1. Thank you so much! I think it is wonderful that you have dedicated your entire photography blog to honor the humble weed. I look forward to following you along and learning more about their unsung beauty :-).

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