May 13, 2013


I grow plants for many reasons:
to please my eye to please my soul,
to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience,
for novelty or for nostalgia,

but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.  – David Hobson

Focus:  Still Life

Despite all the pictures I’ve been taking lately of my ‘garden’, I really don’t consider myself a true gardener.  In fact, my green thumb is really more of a funny shade of hazel – somewhere between lush garden green and crispy dead brown.  But I do like plants, and I especially love flowers.  Each spring I spend several days ‘doing my pots’ and filling them with abundant amounts of colorful annuals.  From what I gather, ‘true’ gardeners turn their noses up at annuals – considering them a bit of a cop-out.  But, like a said, I’m not a ‘real’ gardener…

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