May 31, 2013


“But flowers cannot dance?” cried little Ida.  “Yes, indeed they can,” replied the student.  “When it is dark and everyone is asleep, they jump about quite merrily.  They have a ball almost every night.”

– Little Ida’s Flowers, Hans Christian Anderson


FOCUS:  Technique (In Camera Motion Blur)

My tendency is to favor tack sharp images in my photography, so tonight I decided to step out of my comfort zone and play around with motion blur.  To be honest, this decision came about rather by accident, as I was struggling to photograph a bouquet of flowers in dim lighting and I was frankly too lazy to grab a tripod :-).  So I embraced the shake of my hands, slowed down my shutter speed even more and just had some fun.  I have always said that laziness breeds efficiency.  Well, this is a case where laziness bred creativity…


For comparison purposes, I included at the bottom of this post an image of the flower bouquet in-focus.  The in-focus photo reads as a simple snapshot, whereas I find that the blurred photos are much more compelling.











And, here is a picture of the flower bouquet without any motion blur…