June 9, 2013


The sky grew darker, painted blue on blue, one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper shades of night. – Haruki Murakami

FOCUS:  Color (Blue)

Blue. Cool. Comfortable. Relaxed. Peaceful. Calm. Tranquil.

The color blue is a favorite of many people, including my husband.  In fact, I must share a funny story about this.  A few months ago, my husband was asked to fill out a questionnaire on which one of the questions was ‘What is your favorite color?’  He struggled to answer this question as he knew his favorite color was a very specific shade of blue, and he didn’t want to be so generic as to just answer ‘Blue’.  So, he came to me to help him name the shade he was thinking of.  He went on to describe his favorite color as the deep shade the sky takes on when you look straight up into the atmosphere on a crystal clear day following a big snow storm (if you live in Colorado, you know the color I’m talking about.)  I offered a few suggestions to him – Royal blue? No.  Navy Blue? No.  Midnight Blue? No.   In an effort to help him nail down the precise shade of blue that was his favorite, I pulled up a color chart online that depicted over 50 different shades of blue – everything from Cerulean to Sapphire blue.  I had him stand back from the computer screen and tell me which shade was his favorite.  Immediately he exclaimed, “Oh, there it is! First row, seventh one over.  That’s it!”  Happy that we had actually nailed down the exact shade, I zoomed in on the web page to read out loud the name of the shade he had chosen.  After reading the description, a smirk crossed my lips as I replied to him “Well, honey, your favorite shade is called…. Blue!”  Out of all the shades he could have chosen, his absolute favorite shade of blue is honest-to-goodness true blue.  How about that?  From now on, if anyone asks his favorite color, he can reply with all honesty that his favorite color is ‘Blue’.  🙂







4 replies to “June 9, 2013

    1. Thanks, Nora! The jeans shot is actually of my own legs in my favorite pair of old jeans. I wanted a free-feeling composition for this shot, and since I’m very dedicated yoga practitioner, I simply rolled on my back into Salamba Sarvasgasana (shoulder stand) and snapped away! I’m not sure my yoga instructors would approve, but it made for an interesting perspective!

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