July 15, 2013


Always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being photographer – Walter DeMulde


FOCUS:  Technique (Using filters in a new way)

Today’s photos happened completely by accident.  I had set out to take some more close ups of the flowers in my yard, but I was struggling with my macro filter.  The wind was blowing, the light wasn’t quite right, and and I was having a devil of a time focusing on my subjects.  So, in an act of sheer frustration, I took the macro filter off my camera and chucked it into the bushes.  Well, okay… I didn’t really do that (but I wanted to!).  Instead, I removed the filter (gently) from my lens and started playing around with it off camera, using it as a remote magnifying glass to focus through.   This let me look at my garden in a whole new way…

After uploading the photos to my computer I applied some selective desaturation to highlight the disconnected feeling of the images.  I must say I rather like the results.






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