July 25, 2013


I like to think a flower opens itself to outgrow its plantedness.  That it yearns to be carried away.  ~Author Unknown


FOCUS:  Nature

The daylilies in my garden are blooming with flamboyant peach flowers atop long graceful stems.  It is such a shame that each bloom only lasts for a day, but I suppose it is this fleeting beauty that makes them all the more special.  I set out today to capture the beauty and grace of these garden gems.

Technical Note:  Although it appears I used a studio setup for this image, I actually took this photo outside in natural light.  The day was overcast and the lily was in the shadow of a tree near a grey weathered fence.  I used a combination of low aperture, spot metering, and a polarizing filter to help darken the background in camera.  Then, I further enhanced the dark background in post-processing by using the Curves and Burn tools in PS to really isolate the lily in the frame.  Below is the ‘before’ image for comparison.



2 replies to “July 25, 2013

  1. Wonderful job! Thank you for describing your steps in processing the image! It is certainly beautiful. I love the quote too!

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