August 30, 2013


Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music out of doors. – John Keats


FOCUS:  Life Unscripted

Tonight we had the rare pleasure of attending an outdoor concert at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  Concerts at the Gardens are a wonderful experience.  The stage is set up ‘in-the-round’ in a sunken grassy area, where the crowd can set up their picnic blankets and al fresco dinners.  The atmosphere is very relaxed and social with people sharing food and wine with friends and strangers alike.  Last night’s performer was Chris Isaak, a heartthrob swooner from the 90’s.  Chris Isaak is the ultimate entertainer, with a style somewhere between Johnny Cash and Elvis!  From over-the-top sparkling, sequined suits, to his amazing vocal range – he provided a wonderful evening of fun and dancing for everyone.

P.S. – I was so caught up in the preparations for tonight’s concert that I forgot my camera at home (…oh the horror!)  So these photos were taken with my husband’s iPhone, a handy substitute for sure, but no match for my Nikon.  My husband literally laughed out loud when I asked him “Doesn’t this thing have any ISO settings?”… 😀













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