December 3, 2013


“Christmas is a box of tree ornaments that have become part of the family.”
~ Charles Schulz



FOCUS:  Holiday

Every single ornament on our Christmas tree has a story behind it and I absolutely cherish them all.  A few of the ornaments on our tree date back to my husband’s and my childhoods.  My personal favorite from my childhood is the little Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz ornament that is featured in my photo above.  She is a little worse for the wear after so many years and has lost most of her hair.  As such, she was lovingly given the nickname ‘Chemo Dorothy’ by my sisters back when I was in high school (awful, I know).  Nevertheless, she always gets a prime spot on the Christmas tree despite her bedraggled appearance.

Every year of our children’s lives, we’ve purchased two new ornaments for them.  One of the ornaments is for my husband and I to keep, and the other is for each child to take with them someday to decorate their own Christmas tree.  This way we all can have little tokens from each year of their life to keep with us forever.  Now that my children are virtually grown, it is so much fun to look back on all the ornaments they have picked out.  Each one is so representative of the different phases of their lives, and hanging them each year brings up so many memories and old stories of the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ a certain ornament was chosen.  Decorating the tree has become a wonderful walk down memory lane.

I can’t imagine my Christmas tree without these wonderful little treasures.  They are like family to us now…

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