December 11, 2013


To you and all your family, your neighbors and your friends
May all your days be happy with a joy that never ends
May peace and love surround you
at Christmas time and all the whole year through

May your life be filled with sunshine, may your every wish come true
May you find the sweet fulfillment in everything you do
May your days be blessed with the very very best
both now and the whole year through
it says so in my Christmas card to you…

– “My Christmas Card to You”, The Partridge Family


FOCUS:  Holiday

Our Christmas cards and annual letter to friends and family are hot off the presses and ready to be signed, sealed and delivered sometime in the next week.  Having everything ready to go during the second week of December is a bit of a record for us.  Usually, we’re barely eking them out before December 25th.  In fact, there have been years when our Christmas card has turned into a ‘Happy New Year’s’ card – and even one time a ‘Happy Martin Luther King Day’ card (that was a rough year!)

Although the process of writing an annual letter to accompany our Christmas card can feel tedious and time consuming at times, I am always glad once we’ve done it.  Writing the letter is a wonderful way to reflect on the blessings, milestones and adventures from the year.  We keep each year’s letter neatly tucked away in a binder with all the other letters from Christmases past.  Together they serve as a little time capsule of our lives.





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