2 replies to “DEC 18 : 352/365

  1. Hi Beth – hope you were able to finish. I’ve enjoyed looking at your photos. You inspired me to do a 365 of my own – last time I did it was 2012 where I discovered my love for macro. I hope I can make it (one week down and 51 to go!)

    1. Hi Nora – You are so sweet to ask about my Project 365 (and to notice that my last post was on Dec 18th)! Dec 18th really was the last day of my project. 352 days in and it just kind of… ended. Ironically, that day was also my 50th birthday. Maybe it was some sort of omen that the two events coincided? 😉 I can’t even say it was a conscious decision, it just happened.

      I’ve had some regrets about getting so close to the finish line and not crossing, but I’ve come to realize that maybe that was the lesson I was supposed to learn this go around… that things don’t have to be ‘finished’ to have been worth it. My biggest take aways from this Project are that #1 – I truly love photography and #2 – I truly dislike feeling like photography is an obligation. I stumbled into photography as a hobby back in 2006 – It was an escape, an outlet for my creativity. In 2010, I turned this hobby into a business and while I’ve been very successful in that business, I also feel like I lost something return. This most recent Project 365 has shown me that I really want to get back get that ‘something’ back. The art. The escape. Photographing for the pure joy of taking photos. My intention is to keep posting photos in 2019, but letting inspiration be my guide – not a calendar.

      Best of luck to you with your Project 365! I look forward to seeing what you create!

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