January 25, 2013

Cherry Creek Alphabet

…Now I know my ABC’s, next time won’t you sing with me?

Focus:  Alphabet Challenge

I challenged myself today to find all of the letters of the alphabet in one outing, photograph them, and then put them into a single collage.  I chose Cherry Creek as my location, as I knew there would be a boatload of signs to choose from.  I started off at the Mall and was able to photograph a few letters, but I was soon ‘kicked out’ by security.  Apparently taking photos within the Mall is a no-no.  Private property rules or something… ooops!  Oh well, no harm no foul, I simply ventured across the street to Cherry Creek North and continued my alphabet safari.  Sidewalks and streets are public property, so I don’t think I was breaking any rules there.  In the end, it was all worth it – I am very pleased with the results!





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