April 26, 2013


The earth laughs in flowers.  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Focus:  Macro

…Do it…  No, Don’t do it…  Well, okay, DO it…  No, No DON’T do it….  DO IT!!!!

Like many warm weather junkies ‘jonesing’ for their first real hit of spring, I stood in the aisle of the garden center completely paralyzed with indecision.  I know it is too early to fill my outdoor pots with tender annuals.  With Denver’s average last frost date of May 10th, a gardener really rolls the dice when giving in to those first urges to plant some color.  But, who can resist the sweet smell and colorful display of the flowers so proudly displayed at garden centers this time of year?  For a while, I contented myself with just perusing the array of choices, happy to be surrounded by such delicate beauty and secure in knowing I could indulge myself in just a few short weeks.  But then, I passed by a table of violas.  Their sweet little faces looked up at me and virtually begged me to take them home.  And why shouldn’t I?  After all, violas are hardy little fellows that know how to bounce back from a few inches of late spring snow.  Maybe that is why my mom always referred to them as ‘Johnny Jump Ups’.  So I caved.  I went ahead and bought a few pots of the happy little flowers.  Then as I drove home with my tiny treasures tucked away safely in the back seat, they thanked me for my decision by filling my car with their delicately sweet and spicy scent – a wonderful breath of spring.









8 replies to “April 26, 2013

  1. ….their scent comes my way by the brillant beauty of them you’ve captured so vividly! Makes me yearn for a little garden of my own.

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