July 22, 2013


Nothing is softer or more flexible than water.  And yet nothing can resist it. 

– Lao Tzu

FOCUS:  Everyday Object

As a kid I used to love getting sprayed by a garden hose on a hot summer day.  I would run to-and-fro through the cold stream of water as the grass got more and more slippery beneath my feet.  With the watering restrictions we have nowadays, activities like that are virtually taboo.  Watering is restricted to certain times of day, certain days a week, and only in certain areas.  I understand the reasoning behind the restrictions – we do need to preserve this precious resource – and so I faithfully adhere to the ‘rules’.

But still… every now and then, I let the hose ‘slip’ and I relish in the sudden, shocking sensation of cold water spraying over my arms and legs… it’s like being a kid again.



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