August 19, 2013


The incredible, edible egg. 

FOCUS:  Food

This has got to be one of the strangest things I have ever seen.  In this photo, my son is holding a raw chicken egg that is perfectly intact, despite it’s shell being gone.  In this semi-transparent state, we can get a glimpse into this little wonder of the biological world.  Look at how beautiful it is!  What a masterful work of art by Mother Nature.

The incredible phenomenon of a shell-less egg is made possible by a simple science experiment that demonstrates how cell membranes work (cool fact:  eggs are the largest single cell on earth – who knew?!)  Anyone can do this experiment at home using only an egg, vinegar and corn syrup.  If you are interested in trying this yourself, here’s a YouTube video on how it’s done:





4 replies to “August 19, 2013

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Shannon! Funny you asked about the smell… When I came home and discovered an egg sitting in a glass of vinegar on the kitchen counter I was a bit taken aback. Can you imagine a more awkward combination of smells? I was sure my house would reek in no time. But, surprisingly, there isn’t a smell at all to the egg. I suppose that is because eggs don’t really smell until you cook them. Even so, I don’t think we’ll keep this specimen around for long. I imagine it will start to rot at some point, and THAT would not be a pleasant aroma :-).

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for giving me a follow! This is a really easy experiment and the results are very cool. We found that the shell completely softened after 24 hours, and showed signs of complete disintegration. However, in order to completely remove the shell, we did do a little ‘scrubbing’. Surprisingly, the egg membrane is really pretty tough and can take the rubbing. Perhaps if we’d left the egg in the vinegar longer it would have all come off completely on its own; We just got a little impatient. Good luck with your own experiment!

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