August 26, 2013


An apple is an excellent thing… until you try a peach.  – George DuMarier


FOCUS:  Food

One more edition to my ‘Taste of Summer’ series – peaches.  Now I realize that Georgia is famous for its peaches.  And I’ve tried them.  In fact, I’ve tried many of them.  And they taste just fine.   But, honestly, I think a peach from with western slope of Colorado is just about the most delicious thing you can sink your teeth into.  Maybe its the hot days and cool nights, maybe it’s that the trees are watered with melted snow pack, or maybe it’s just that they hit the market right after being harvested.  Whatever the reason, I find the rich, sweet-tangy flavor of a Palisade peach to be irresistible.  This year, these little gems are even more precious as the late spring snows froze many of the buds on the peach trees, making this season’s crop much smaller than usual.  So get them while you can.  Otherwise, you’ll be waiting a whole year before you’ll have the chance to enjoy them again.  Mmmmmmm.  Tastes like summer.





6 replies to “August 26, 2013

  1. Oh how I love a good peach! I’m drooling over here. It’s what I miss the most being abroad. I’m almost never home for peach season. Thanks for these beautiful photosl. Too bad I can’t eat my computer screen, otherwise these peaches would be gone!

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