September 23, 2013


Give a man a beer, he’ll drink for the day.  Teach a man to brew, he’ll be drunk the rest of his life. – Anonymous



FOCUS:  Still Life

Earlier this year we spent a couple weeks rafting in the Grand Canyon (you can read about our adventure here.)  The organized trip was split into three itineraries – rafting the upper half of the Canyon, rafting the lower half of the Canyon, and rafting the entire Canyon (for the truly hardy!)  We were in the ‘lower half’ group and although we never officially met the ‘upper half’ group, those who rafted the whole Canyon shared stories of the adventures they had with those folks during the first part of the trip.  After we all returned home, we created an online gallery whereby everyone who had been on the trip could share photos with one another, regardless of what group they were in.  As such, those from the ‘lower half’ got to see and read stories from the ‘upper half’ group and vice-versa.  It was a wonderful way to share the good vibes and camaraderie that were felt by all while in the Canyon.  Through the power of the internet, we have been able to become virtual friends with others on the trip, despite our never having met in person.

One such friend happened to be passing through Denver today and he graciously dropped off a 12-pack of his home brew on our doorstep – a delicious sampling of his ‘Texas Cottonmouth Amber Ale’, to be exact.  He did this simply out his willingness to share his friendship on a more personal level.  Unfortunately our schedules did not allow for a face-to-face meeting today, but we sincerely hope that someday we can officially meet, share a cold brew and reminisce about our adventures rafting in the Grand Canyon.

In the meantime… Cheers to you, our virtual friend!



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