September 24, 2013


I like dogs
Big dogs
Little dogs
Fat dogs
Doggy dogs
Old dogs
Puppy dogs
I like dogs
A dog that is barking over the hill
A dog that is dreaming very still
A dog that is running wherever he will
I like dogs.
― Margaret Wise Brown


FOCUS:  Animals

Allow me to introduce Chester.  He is our neighbors’ adorable little King Charles Spaniel, whom we have the pleasure of dog sitting for the next few weeks.  What a little sweetie :-)!



8 replies to “September 24, 2013

  1. I hope you sent this to which ever neighbors are on vacation. It’s a beautiful portrait, and so regal. Are your rough and tumble pups going to corrupt him😉

    I loved the beer photos from the other day (here) and the commentary that went with them. But the one that made the most impact for me was the first one of the leaves turning with the blue sky (here). For so many years I’ve told friends that I have a color in my head called “Colorado blue sky” which doesn’t occur in Oregon. Best reason I can think of to escape grey (my least favorite sky color) winters here. Although our falls have more variety of color with the red and orange of so many of the lower altitude trees, it’s still not as good without that brilliant blue sky in the background.


    1. Funny you mention the ‘Colorado blue sky’ that was in my previous post (here). Years ago, I was part of an online photography community and I posted a photo that had the Colorado sky as a backdrop. I had someone comment that they liked the photo, but thought the sky was too artificially ‘cyan’ for their tastes. I just had to smile when I replied that there was nothing artificial about the color – that’s just our classic, honest-to-goodness Colorado blue sky! 🙂

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