New Year, New Blog – Follow me on a new journey!


And so a new journey begins….

As I quoted on the last day of my Project 365, ‘every ending should be followed by a great new beginning’, and with that in mind I’ve decided to start a new blog, which will be directly tied to my photography business, Studio B Photography.   On my new blog you will find thoughts, tips and other ramblings about photography, as well as selected photos from my photography business.  This blog will be geared towards anyone looking to get more from their own photography – whether you shoot with a fancy DSLR, a simple point-and-shoot, or (*gasp*) your camera phone.  To join me on this new adventure, simply visit my new blog and click the Follow button.  I hope to see you there!

For those who follow my original blog (, do not despair, I plan to keep this blog active too.  Now that my Project 365 is over, I will be using my original blog as a platform for my personal photography projects.  I have several creative projects lined up for this year, so stay tuned!  Your kindness, support and feedback are a huge reason why I was successful in fulfilling my goal this year of one photo, every day, all year long.  I look forward to sharing more with you as I journey on.

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