JAN 17 : 17/365


The less there is to look at, the more important it is that we look at it closely and carefully. 

– Kirk Varnedoe, Pictures of Nothing

Today was one of those days when creativity felt completely out of reach.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, was catching my interest to photograph.  Everything just seemed so ordinary.  And, truth be told, it was ordinary.  Today was about as ordinary a day as there could be.  It was a Wednesday, for god’s sake.  A middle of the week, nothing special kind of day.

But ordinary days like today are exactly what Project 365’s are all about.  This project pushes me to pick up my camera when I am feeling most uninspired and rediscover photography’s power to transform even the most ordinary object into something extraordinary.

So here you go:  just some ordinary, everyday blinds… seen in a whole new light.







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