FEB 19 : 50/365


Take off the mask.  Your face is beautiful.

Struggling for inspiration today, I stumbled upon the Capture Your 365 blog, which is ‘a community for ideas, support and inspiration for your everyday photography.’  Intrigued, I clicked on the February Photo Challenge link and discovered that today’s photo prompt was: taking off.

Of course the first ideas that came to mind for ‘taking off’ were airplanes and birds.  But seeing that I’ve already posted several airplane related photos recently and there weren’t too many birds hanging around on this snowy Colorado day, I found myself having to think outside the box for this particular photo prompt.  Thus the idea for ‘taking off the mask’ was born.

To create these photos I first flipped through several magazines and found a pair of sultry eyes and luscious lips to tear out and ‘make my own’ (thank you Cover Girl & Lancome!)  Next, I set the timer on my camera and shot away.  Trust me, there were a LOT of throw away photos in the bunch.  First of all, taking a selfie with a DSLR is hard!  Not only is it next to impossible to focus, it’s equally as hard to get yourself set up in the frame correctly.  Second, I discovered very quickly that magazine pages are glossy & therefore very reflective.  As such, I had to really work the angle of the torn pages so they didn’t reflect the light back into the camera.  Third, and the most obvious challenge, holding a piece of magazine paper over your eyes renders you blind, which makes taking a selfie nearly impossible.  The whole experiment was quite comical actually, and I’m glad the dogs were the only ones around to watch me flounder around with my creativity.

In the end, I settled on a few images that I found a bit freaky, and yet bizarrely realistic.  The images came out of the camera with a soft focus and bit of grain, which I found appealing so I enhanced those features in PS and played around with the levels to give them a raw, editorial look.

What do you think?  Creative?  Crazy?  Perhaps a little of both…


5 replies to “FEB 19 : 50/365

    1. Thanks so much Janina! I’ve a whole Pinterest board of creative selfies to inspire me and this concept is one I’ve been wanting to try for some time 😊.

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