MAR 6 : 65/365


Let the sun do its work.  Let your eyes feast on the beauty…

– Carin Lavery

Welcome to one of the most coveted locations in our home:  the threshold between our house and the back porch.  I realize this is a rather unconventional place to be considered a ‘favorite spot’, after all we certainly have more comfortable and enticing places to sit in our home.  But there is something very feng shui about this particular spot as it seems to be irresistible to both man and beast.

Our dogs love to lay down in this spot – half in / half out of the house – with their paws resting comfortably on the warm metal strip along the base of the door.  Because this area sits a few steps higher than the rest of the yard, it is the perfect perch for surveying any important goings-on such as a wayward squirrel invading our territory or noisy garbage trucks threatening to disturb the peace as they cruise down the alley.  As such, we have lovingly nicknamed this spot ‘Pride Rock’ in reference to the magnificent rock formation in Disney’s The Lion King.  There is no greater spot in our home for keeping watch over the pride lands.

Humans love this spot as well.  Perfectly situated under a big maple tree, it is a superb place to read the morning paper or enjoy an afternoon break, and without a doubt it is the #1 spot to sit when chatting on the phone.  In the winter, this is the place we go to witness the beauty of freshly falling snow, bracing for the cold air as we crack the door open just a wee bit.  On summer evenings, when the sun has set and the temperature has cooled, you will likely find us sitting here listening to the cicadas and catching the evening breeze.

Yes this is a favorite spot for everyone, no matter the season.  It may be unconventional, but it’s ours.  And it’s one of those little things that make this house our home.


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