APR 17 : 107/365


Green how I want you green.  Green wind.  Green branches.

– Federico Garcia Lorca

Thar she blows!!  Wowza, it is windy today with huge powerful gusts that twist the trees and threaten to turn small dogs into kites.   Such thunderous power is hard to ignore, so I knew the wind just had to be the subject of today’s photo.  To do so, I slowed my shutter speed and pointed my lens skyward to catch the swirling of and twirling of the branches.  The result is a wonderful, painterly tribute to the incredible power of Mother Nature.

[Manual:  35mm, 1/4 sec, f/22, ISO 64]

2 replies to “APR 17 : 107/365

    1. Thank you, Nora! The wind today was quite destructive – ripping off roofs and toppling trees – so it was interesting to capture to ‘other side’ of nature’s furtive rush today.


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