JUN 2 : 153/365


2018 Denver Chalk Art Festival

The annual chalk art festival is one of my favorite summer events in Denver.  The event features more than 200 professional and amateur artists, who spend hours on their hand and knees transforming the streets of Denver into a colorful art museum.  The talent and creativity of these artists is incredible, and the temporary nature of their pieces make them all the more spectacular to observe.  There is a burning desire to soak it all in before it fades away to traffic and weather.

I always find it challenging to photograph someone else’s artwork.  Merely taking a photo of the piece itself feels like cheating, as if I’m stealing another’s art and making it my own.  Because of this, I try to capture another’s work with the goal of placing the viewer in my shoes.  What am I seeing, what am I feeling, what is it like to stand in front of this particular piece of art, on this particular day, at this particular time.

Hopefully, I’ve done that here and these images give you a small taste of the cacophony of color, texture, and creativity that are the heart and soul of the Chalk Art Festival.












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