JUN 12 : 163/365


Good night, John Boy.

Good night, Elizabeth. Good night, Daddy.

Good night, Son. Good night, Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen:
Good night, Daddy. Good night, Mama.

Good night, Mary Ellen. Good night, Jim Bob.

Jim Bob:
Good night, Mama. Good night, Erin.

Good night, Jim Bob. Good night, Ben.

Good night, Erin. Good night, everybody.

The Waltons

…and this is what happens when you forget to take your photo of the day until it’s time for bed.

Goodnight everybody.

6 thoughts on “JUN 12 : 163/365

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    1. I love that! ❤️ I have 6 siblings and we would do this some nights as well, and then giggle at our own ‘genius’ 😉.

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