AUG 16 : 228/365


Well it happened.

228 days into this Project 365, and I forgot to take a picture.

Despite missing out on my photo-of-the-day yesterday, I was still able to flex my creative muscle as I worked on creating a team logo for a fitness challenge group I’m participating in.  Our team name is ‘Zoned Out’, which refers to the exhausted, loopy feeling we all feel after giving maximum effort to meet our ‘power zones’ (i.e. wattage output thresholds) during our Peleton spin classes.  I created the logo by drawing up some fun, crazy-eyed characters in Photoshop, and then superimposing those over one of the rainbow colored graphs used to track output results for each class.  The result has a fun, hippie vibe that hints ever-so-slightly at alternate ways one can become ‘zoned out’.

BTW – The irony of our team name is not lost on me given my complete spacing on this Project yesterday…  I guess that means I’m on the right team!

Zoned Out

And for what it’s worth, the background graph of this logo was a screenshot from my computer… doesn’t that ‘technically’ count as a photo? 😉


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