August 23, 2013


Friends are like melons; Shall I tell you why?

To find one good, one hundred you must try. – Claude Mermet


FOCUS:  Food

It is true that melons are some of trickiest fruits to ‘get right’.  I’ve seen people thump, smell, roll, weigh and do all other sorts of ‘tricks’ to find the perfect melon at the market.  Truth be told, these methods are only right about half of the time.  The most sure-fire way that I know to pick a good melon is to wait until they are in season.  Late summer just happens to be the perfect time for melons.  For those of us in Colorado, it is known as ‘Rocky Ford’ cantaloupe season.  The cantaloupes from Rocky Ford, located in southeastern Colorado, are some of the most delicious you will ever taste.  The long hot summer days are giving way to cool nights and the melons have had the chance to ripen on the vine, creating that perfect combination of juiciness and meatiness.  Their sweet, aromatic flesh virtually melts in your mouth.  Sinking your teeth into one is simply divine.  Mmmmmmm.  Tastes like summer.