JUL 11 : 192/365


Again and again, the cicada’s untiring cry

pierced the sultry summer air,

like a needle at work on thick cotton cloth.

-Yukio Mishima

I had planned to be all creative today and upload a video for my Project 365.  I’d captured a clip of the leaves blowing in the summer breeze with the piercing sound of the cicadas humming loudly in the background.  On top of this video clip, I’d overlayed the words of Yukio Mishima to fade in and out in a very subtle way.  The whole concept was very ethereal and was successfully executed in post-processing, but unfortunately I can’t share the results with you.  You see, when I went to upload the video to this blog, WordPress advised me I had to upgrade to a premium subscription to include video in my posts.   So…. on second thought, I decided the video wasn’t all that great (i.e. $$$) and I opted for Plan B, which you see above.

I guess you’ll just have to trust me that the cicadas are singing their little hearts out today in the hot summer sun, providing the quintessential ‘sound of summer’ around here.


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