JUL 21 : 202/365


Where there’s smoke…

Wildfires are burning up the west, and it shows.  The smoke from the California and Southern Oregon fires has made its way into Colorado, coloring our skies a bleak greyish-brown and the sun disturbing color of orange tonight.

Feels a bit apocalyptic.





4 thoughts on “JUL 21 : 202/365

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  1. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s just that you don’t get such conditions every day. On the other hand a different shot depends on the overall environment, which I don’t know. If I had the choice, and a zoom lens, I might try a bit zoomed in with fewer trees. Or more trees with the sun in the foliage. Anyway, as I said … it was not meant in a negative way.

    1. No offense was taken on your original comment, I was simply curious as to how you might have approached the image differently. In this particular instance, the sun was peeking in and out of the smoke all evening and I simply grabbed my camera to catch it as best I could from the end of my street. To be honest, I didn’t put much preparation into the capture as it was late and I had to get dinner on the table. Ah, life, it gets in the way sometimes! I do appreciate your taking the time to comment. Any and all feedback is always welcome!

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