4 replies to “SEP 30 : 273/365

  1. Hey Beth, I just have to comment here that I love this series with your pudgy little twerp as you call him. This last picture is really a gorgeous photo and your whole battle with the squirrels made me chuckle. Earlier this summer the squirrels were having a great time teasing the dogs. Max, our loveable golden who is the sweetest and most gentle dog I’ve ever had would be obsessed with the stupid squirrels as they teased him while leaping from tree to tree in our yard or making a mad dash through the fence. One weekend Joe and I were gone and darned if Max didn’t end up catching one of the squirrels. Annie found it dead in the house on the floor courtesy of the doggy door. The next day he got another…. since then we haven’t had a squirrel problem in the yard. Poor things. Our sweet boy is a killer.

    Thanks for your dedication to your project. I always open the emails and take a look. Beautiful work. Loved the September tree the other day btw.

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