July 30, 3013


If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.  – Anonymous


FOCUS:  Everyday Objects

I was feeling like my photos were getting a little too ‘pretty’ lately.  You know, too much nature, too many flowers… heck, even a rainbow.  So I decided to mix things up and go for the grunge today.

I live in an old house with plenty of character.  The house itself has been randomly updated and added on to so many times that it is beginning to resemble something out of an Escher drawing – stairs leading to various levels in all directions – at times you don’t know if you are going up or going down.  The one place that hasn’t really been touched since its original construction is the garage.  It is a relic from the 50’s – flat roof, cinder block walls, and old tools from a bygone era.  Yep, this place epitomizes the word ‘grunge’, and so it was the subject of my Project 365 today.

Come on in… have a look around.



























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