June 19, 2013


If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing. 

– Coco Chanel

FOCUS:  Still Life

Today was a long day.  It was one of those days when I was going from sun up until sun down.  There were countless things to accomplish, and my Project 365 felt like just another item on my ‘to do’ list.  Another ‘chore’.  Another ‘obligation’.  One more thing demanding my attention.

But if I have learned nothing else from the past 170 days, it is that this project isn’t just another chore.  It is actually an escape.  A chance for me to spend a few moments each day doing something for me.  Something that I LOVE.  Something that always gives back so much more than it takes from my day.  Even if that ‘something’ doesn’t happen until late at night – at least it has happened.  Photography can turn ‘just another day’ into something special.  Days like today, when I am feeling the most stressed and consequently the least creative, I find that photography allows me to simply ‘let go’.  I release all expectations, all rules and restrictions, and just let things happen.  That is a true gift.  A true indulgence.  And worth every minute of lost sleep.

Tonight’s photos happened by accident.  I had no plans – no preconceived ideas about what I was going to photograph.  I was simply cleaning up the kitchen late this evening when I found a feather that my son had collected while on a walk the other day.  The feather wasn’t perfect.  In fact, it had a rather large ‘chomp’ taken out of its very tip – a garish blemish in an otherwise perfect arc.  But I still thought it was beautiful, and so I set out to capture it’s graceful shape and delicate airiness.

My set up for the shoot was very simple – just an end table lamp, a dark window, and the camera set to a shallow DOF.  Nothing else.  These photos are straight out of camera.  Sometimes simple is best.  Especially after a long day.

… and you know what?  I think these photos are some of my favorites of the year thus far…









9 replies to “June 19, 2013

  1. Nice minimalist work. I did a 365 last year and learned so much in the process. I actually missed not having it in my life this year which is part of the reason I started my blog. I figured it would give me a reason to take pictures of the everyday things just like you did here. You will have such a feeling of accomplishment when you are done with yours!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Nora! I am learning so much about dedication, flexibility, and creativity with this Project 365. Everyday I discover something new, and I can see how I too might miss the Project once it is over…

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